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MailChimp alternatives on the Shopify App Marketplace

3rd February 2020 | Mary Barello

You might not know this already, but there are plenty of MailChimp alternatives on Shopify App marketplace. Most of these MailChimp alternatives for Shopify have the tooling that will make the transition seamless so that you can continue to enjoy all the benefits you once enjoyed with MailChimp — and more.

If you were just getting into email marketing when Shopify decided to pull the plug on MailChimp, you can revive your marketing campaign using any of the following tools; Jilt, Seguno, SmartrMail, Spently, and Privy. These tools have their pros and cons, and you would have to look closely to determine which one works best for you.

For example, Spently does not support Email Capture. Jilt and SmartrMail support advanced segmentation while the rest does not. Seguno and SmartrMail support email order notification while the rest does not. When it comes to pricing, you will have access to all the features of Seguno and Privy for your Shopify newsletter sending for $10/month.

Why not give Promo.ai a try?

If you are already skilled up with email marketing and need a MailChimp alternative for Shopify that will not only automate your newsletter but also lets you focus on your product launch and blog articles, give Promo.ai a try. Promo.ai also has the flexibility that can speed up the transition your email marketing skills from beginner to professional. Best of all, it's free to use and download your designs.

Promo.ai has tools that generate newsletters based on your websites best content and track your best-performing emails. You can tweak the auto-generated newsletters to your satisfaction before sending them out. Unlike MailChimp and other email automation tools, with Promo.ai’s automated newsletter for Shopify, you can create stunning emails in minutes.

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